Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Fellows

I have 6 weeks left in my fellowship. It has gone by quickly. I have learned so much from the other fellows. It has been an interesting dynamic with all women and occasionally we discuss how it might have been different if there were any men in the group.

Well, I doubt the new mother in the group would talk so openly about breast feeding or insomnia. We probably would not have shared as much personal information. We have shared a lot of professional information as well. I have a new respect for medical residency and the continued struggles faced by women in male dominated fields.

In the process I have given myself a little room to grow, recognizing that I have many years ahead of me to keep improving my skills as a therapist, "ethicist" and in personhood overall. I plan to continue work in medical ethics where I work and perhaps beyond that. We'll see what comes my way (or what I go chasing after).

Truthfully I am looking forward to some rest from academic ventures at least for a couple months. Between the DPT and this I've been a student for the last 3 years on top of everything else!

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