Sunday, August 07, 2011

Mini-vans, moving and time that flies

10 years ago I moved to Boston. My parents drive out with me--I in my mini-van and they in theirs. Both packed full of most of my earthly possessions. Including my cat Sassy. Oh boy, that was a trip. Sassy yowling all the way to Boston. The tranquilizers didn't do much to her except make her stay up all night AND keep me up all night. I had a rough time driving the next day.

We used walki-talkis to keep in touch, which was pretty fun. Our halfway point was Rochester and we stayed at P's parents' house, even though they were out of town. It was nice to be somewhere familiar. When we got to Boston we moved all my crap into my tiny little room on Dimick St in Somerville. I had 3 new roommates, a new neighborhood. My parents and I explored the city, picked Paul up from the airport the night before they had to drive back to Ohio.

For the first night or so I actually stayed with my friends K and G. It helped me transition into this new life. It took some time for me to get used to the driving, the buses and subway. Just the number of people everywhere.

3 apartments later and Somerville is home. 10 years has sped by and I imagine I will be here another 10.


Anonymous said...

It certainly doesn't seem like it has been ten years. Mom

La Isla Margarita said...

Very nice, i like this blog :)