Sunday, August 05, 2012


It's been ages since I posted.  Summer is always crazy busy at work.  Covering vacations is one reason, people behaving recklessly when the weather turns nice is another.

This year, however, we have an added layer.  The hospital is picking up and moving to a brand spanking new building next April.  We will be in the Charlestown Navy Yard.  The building is gorgeous.  Gorgeous!  As is the view.

Preparations include reviewing every policy and procedure.  We have to think about the way we do things now and how we will do them in the new hospital.  Where we will store things, how we will schedule things, new equipment etc.  It's quite a job, but it's very exciting.


yellowinter said...

wow! very exciting indeed! scary, but exciting! :)
sorry i didn't get to see you before we left. :( hope that we'll get to see you sometime though! maybe we could meet up somewhere in ohio? :)
sending you hugs!

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