Tuesday, June 16, 2015

30 weeks

So I have reached the 30 week mark and every Braxton Hicks, especially well placed kick and discomfort has me on guard. Not in a panic per se, just on high alert. I keep asking myself (and the great World Wide Web) what is normal. When do I call the doctor? Do I need a maternity belt and this discomfort will go away. Do I start counting these tightenings? Or have I forgotten and now they are gone? Which is reassuring? 

I have already planned out who is responsible for my duties when I am on leave and plan to go over it soon just in case. This time I have posted it in a shared folder so it can all be found and easily accessed.  Unlike last time when I couldn't help or meet with the therapist who took over for me. Lessons learned. 

Things are as they are, will be as they will be. There isn't much you can change when it comes to pregnancy. 

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