Friday, October 15, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy at work. Once last week and once this week I actually went in at 6:30 am. For a physical therapist this is kind of ridiculous and unusual. But I had so much paperwork (the day to day stuff and the things like finishing someone's performance review so they can get their raise in their paycheck) to do.

Lately if I leave "on time" then I have to come back the next day super early to finish paperwork and then prepare for the new day. I have a lot more sympathy lately for my staff who have 6 patients. I theoretically carry 4. More if we're busy, less if we're not. But I have been steady at four patients for the last few months with little time to devote to program development, documentation reviews etc.

And thus is the reality of any job, I know. Just feeling it more these last few weeks.

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yellowinter said...

i still can't get over how many patients you have on top of all the administrative things on your plate. you are amazing to be able to handle everything with grace!