Saturday, October 23, 2010


I gave in to my curiosity and desire and bought myself a Kindle. The price has gone down over the past few years. Otherwise I would still just be curious.

I have to say that I LOVE it. I can put all my PDFs from the fellowship on it, there are tons of free books through Amazon and other websites. I can carry 100s of books in my work bag at once when I need a break from ethics. Now you can even put music on it, which I have yet to try. The battery lasts forever too.

It is a lovely thing.


yellowinter said...

i was initially surprised, but it makes sense that you'd like it if you had tons of reading material to carry around with you.
i did enjoy reading a book on it, but i guess for casual reading, i still prefer that paper through my hands - being able to dog-ear the page for me to go back to and be able to underline the passage i want to remember. of course, i hardly ever go back to these books once i'm done, but i like the idea of that. ;)

B said...

You know, I thought I would miss that feel of the pages, and it is a little strange to just push a button to turn the page. But I just love reading so much that I find I don't notice so much.
What I do NOT like is buying the books--I have only bought one and the others were free. But it just feels wrong not browsing through the books in the book store. I feel at peace in a bookstore just shuffling through all the options.